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Tobacco Rope

Preparing Rope Tobacco at Smokingpipes.comBeginner and veteran pipe smokers alike have always wanted to try their hand, or pipe rather, at rope tobaccos. One of the oldest forms of processing the leaf, rope tobacco is formed mostly by hand with various different processes contributing along the way. In the end, the tobaccos are twisted together to form a thick rope or lanyard that can either be bitten off and chewed or simply smoked in your pipe of choice. While chewing your favorite rope can be quite enjoyable, this post will focus on preparing your tobacco for smoking. So how do you do it? Well, here's 5 simple steps to get you started.

1. Find a Sharp Knife or Cigar Cutter.

Preparing Rope Tobacco at Smokingpipes.comFirst off, you'll need some rope tobacco. For this post we chose some Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. Brown Irish X Unsliced and Happy (Brown) Bogie Unsliced — two of my favorites, though most any ropes in the G.H. & Co. lineup are quite enjoyable. Once you've acquired your rope tobacco, remove it from the container and place it on a flat surface. You’ll need a sharp blade to cut the thick, tightly bound cord. While a sharp knife will do the trick, using a cigar cutter may give you more precision and a finer cut, as most ropes are about as thick as a cigar — allowing you to simply run the end through the cutter and slice away.

2. Cut as finely as possible.

Preparing Rope Tobacco at Smokingpipes.comAfter you’ve chosen your knife or cigar cutter, it’s time to slice and dice. If you’re using a knife, place the edge along the end of the rope and carefully cut the tobacco into fine coins, making sure to avoid forcing the blade. Avoid using a serrated knife (or the serrated portion of a partially-serrated blade), as this will tend to catch and tear the leaf up rather than make a smooth, even cut. If using a cigar cutter, run the end through the cutter and slice it off as finely as possible, making sure to keep your fingers away from the blades. The end result should be a few thin coins that can later be rubbed out or folded. It’s important to only cut as much as you think you'll use, otherwise your tobacco may dry out quicker than you’d prefer.

3. Rub it out or fold.

Once you have your coins laid out, it’s time to prepare that tobacco for packing. You can either rub out all the coins vigorously until you’re left with a nice shag, or simply fold a few and stack. You can also cut the coins into cubes and layer them later in your pipe. You should experiment with it a little to find your preferred smoke. Many folks here at SPC suggest combining two or more of the methods. Simply rub out a coin or two, and fold the rest — layering them sandwich style (shag, coin, shag) into your pipe.

twist/rope tobaccos dose it worth the effort?few tips for
twist/rope tobaccos dose it worth the effort?few tips for ...
Cutting Rope Tobacco at PSNJ Meet Up
Cutting Rope Tobacco at PSNJ Meet Up!!!
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Mac Baren Rope Tobaccos: Per Jensen Interview ...

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